What Is Friendship?

What is Friendship?

What does friendship mean to you?

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same” – Elbert Hubbard

What does friendship mean to you? What qualities do you look for in a friend?

Much like if you were looking for a life partner, you would be looking for a good friend who is going to share your time, offer loyalty, trust and be supportive in all sorts of different ways. This works vice versa. Friends are not just there in the good times but also around in the not so good times. If you are going through a bad patch a friend can help by lending an ear, offering advice and just ‘being there’ for when you are going through this tough time. It is through these good and bad times that you create a strong bond, trust and you create lasting memories between you.

Like relationships, friendships have to be worked at; so making the effort to keep in contact, being supportive, honest and trustworthy are necessary for a great friendship.

Friendships tend to come about if you regularly cross paths with one another and a dialogue starts between you. If for example you meet at work you may have a chat about what you both did at the weekend. If there is something in common between you e.g. you both went cycling, that alone, can be a single topic to bind you two together so that when you meet again you have that topic to refer back to. On another occasion you may then speak about something else. The more you speak and have things in common the more the friendship will develop. You will also start to divulge more personal things about yourselves, which will then develop the trust between you. Remember though friendship, much like finding a long term partner, is about chemistry. The more chemistry between you the more the friendship is likely to develop.

What is Friendship?

You find that with friendships that they can also serve different purposes. You can have lifelong friendships which developed from school which will always be there in the long term. You can have friends that are just in your workplace and do not spill into your personal life. You can have friends which are purely for going out and socializing or friends within a particular hobby or pastime that you undertake. A real, pure and deep friendship, however, is one that genuinely has chemistry, love, respect and appreciation for the people within that friendship. You are honest and respectful of each other and you are there to love and support one another through the good times and the bad.

You can also make friendships at any time of your life. In school, college, university, work or retirement. In the days of technology you can even ‘meet’ new friends online but depending on your proximity to each other, if for example, you are in a different country it may have to remain a long distance friendship.

Just because you already have good close friends doesn’t mean that you can’t make any more. Friendships, if you allow them, can pop up at any time. Also there is no age barrier to friendship, meaning, for example, you could be 30 years old but could have a great friendship with someone who is aged 50.

Whatever friendships you have at the present time and likely to make in the future, make sure there is mutual love, respect, honesty and support amongst other qualities to really make the most of that particular friendship. :-)

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