Self Love

Self love is being mindful of loving yourself, looking after yourself and taking control of your happiness.

We should all practice self love as it is actually very necessary for our total well being.

In the first instance it is necessary for us to love ourselves. Love which we actually radiate within ourselves to reinforce the fact that we are loved and how important we are as an individual. It is not selfish to love ourselves first, in fact it is mandatory. When you can love yourself first then you are better able to give love to others.

If you are not used to self love then it may feel weird when you first go to give it a try but persevere with it.

  • Regularly say to yourself (whether this is in your head or out loud) I love myself, do this while staring at yourself in the mirror. It may well feel strange, at first, but just continue on until you get used to it.

  • Take time out to do the things you enjoy, whether it be hobbies, listening to music, going to the gym or even having a relaxing bath. Find time to do the things which make you happy. Also spend time with people you love and who love you!

  • Take care of yourself simply by eating well, having a diet which contains fruit and veg is always helpful. I tend to believe in everything in moderation but if your diet consists of mainly of junk food and cakes that probably isn’t going to be best for you in the short or long term! Get good sleep. They say it is not the amount of sleep you get but the quality, whatever way, try and wake up as refreshed as can be.

  • Exercise your right to say yes or no, if appropriate, to suggestions, opportunities or people. If something does not feel right, don’t be afraid to say no.

  • Do not compare yourself to others. I understand this can be easily said then done (I have certainly done this in the past) but if you spend time comparing yourself to other people especially your peers (especially if you feel they have achieved more than you) it will not make you feel good. We are all individual and have our own lives and paths to lead. Also when someone ‘appears’ to be successful you don’t know what trials and tribulations they may have gone through to get to where they are now.

  • Let go of issues, grudges and negativity etc from the past. These feelings don’t serve us in any way, they only continue to negatively weigh us down. Forgive a person or situation that happened in the past, let it go then see how much lighter you feel.

  • Make a decision to be happy and positive and stick to it! Life has its ups and down and testing times but ultimately when we are positive about life, more positivity comes our way, it is as simple as that.

Hope these tips help. Do you have any more suggestions for self care?

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