My Fitness And Weight Loss Goals Update Oct 2019

So back in April I wrote about my weight loss goals for this year. The year has gone well in terms of my fitness and other factors going on with my life, which I am really happy about.

At the beginning of the year I was walking around my local park which at the time I did enjoy but along with personal routine changes I stopped doing that and my main forms of exercise has been yoga and stretching. I do yoga in a formal class once a week as well as doing bits of yoga perhaps every other day. I still enjoy my stretching, which l still do on a daily basis.

"At this moment in time I am feel very proud about what I have managed to achieve with my weight and fitness levels."

Having a long summer, as such, has meant eating quite a bit of salad, veg and fish. One of my new favourite foods is having lentils (particularly the red split lentils). Adding half a vegetable stock cube can make them quite tasty otherwise, to me, lentils would be pretty boring!

I am not on a diet and thankfully would never have to be, as I do believe in everything in moderation, however with my exercise regime and food intake I have lost quite a bit of weight. A year ago I was weighing 9 stone 7 pounds pretty consistently. I did not weigh myself for quite a while until about 3 months ago when I start weighing myself regularly as old clothes, especially trousers were falling off me.

My consistent weight now seems to be 8 stone 2 pounds which I am really ecstatic about, though i have even weighed in as little as 8 stone 1..! I am 5ft 1 and 48 years old and I don’t know what my ideal weight is supposed to be, however, I feel great within myself and proud that I have lost quite a bit of weight which should impact my health in a positive way. Note I have also not given up chocolates or treats!

We are coming into winter now so

it will be interesting to see how I manage to maintain my new weight as we tend to eat ‘heavier’ foods in the winter time but it is not something I am going to obsess over. At this moment in time I am feel very proud about what I have managed to achieve with my weight and fitness levels.

Exercise, healthy food and mindset = fantastic weight loss!

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