My Fitness And Weight Loss Goals For 2019

We are now into April 2019 and I am amazed how quickly time has absolutely flown by already. For me I have lots of personal goals that I would like to achieve such as eating healthier and getting fit along with other general things. I can feel 2019 is going to be a great year!

So as mentioned I want to get more fit. I did not set up a subscription at the gym after the new year as you know how it goes; you go a handful of times then you may just stop going!!. Anyway I wasn’t sure I wanted to push weights or go and do cardio classes straight off (I haven’t done any real exercise for a couple of years – though I do always stretch daily). I wanted to ‘ease’ into some fitness regime. So a couple of months back I started taking some time out just to have a walk round my local park on a Sunday morning. I started off just walking at a leisurely pace which to me was a good start as I don’t walk much at all as any travelling I do tends to be by car or train.

"I wanted to ‘ease’ into some fitness regime."

I have been walking round my local park the last couple of months on a Sunday morning and it has been good, rather cold, but good. I surprised myself really as being cold I could have quite easily just have stayed indoors and kept myself warm but I needed to make a positive start and ideally stick to it. I have been leisurely with my walks and haven’t really timed myself but I am certainly out of the house for around 40 minutes so that is not bad at all.

A couple of weeks into 2019 I had the idea of doing yoga so I looked into it and found a local class with a nice instructor. I started doing the yoga class and was enjoying it, however, due to circumstances and commitments there was a bit of a problem in getting there on time. Each class I would get there at least five minutes late when the class had already started with a short meditation. It was a bit embarrassing having to then disturb the class to squeeze myself in between people to get some needed floor space! I made the decision to stop going to this particular yoga class as I was just always being late and didn’t think it was fair to the other participants in the class, plus, unless I was imagining it I’m sure I was getting disapproving looks from the instructor always disturbing their quiet time at the beginning!

Typical yoga pose - triangle pose

Anyway I found another class which I have been going to regularly which I love. I’m not familiar with the different types of yoga but this one is Vinyasa yoga, where the different poses flow between movements. I like this particular class as it has section at the end for meditation, which I really enjoy.

So with the walking and yoga I am feeling wonderful these day, certainly not as sluggish as I felt before. I have more energy which is fantastic!

As mentioned earlier I have not done any formal exercise, except for daily stretching, for about 2 years but I knew I wanted to make changes to my lifestyle and to feel more fit and energised. There have been times where I have said I will do some exercise then when it came down to it I bailed out. I was either busy or I didn’t have enough drive to get up and go do it! The beginning of 2019 was different, I felt different, I knew I was going to make some positive changes.

The positive changes of actually getting up and doing some exercise started happening, without me having to ponder too hard about it all. I started walking. Check. I started yoga. Check. My mindset seemed to be in the right place to take onboard these changes as quite frankly I could easily have not got started and stayed curled up in my bed rather than go for a walk on a Sunday morning.

"My mindset seemed to be in the right place

to take onboard these changes"

The commitment to my new regime has been well and truly established, which I love, and I am now thinking about doing more yoga to bring my sessions up to two a week. I can feel the benefit as I am feeling more relaxed doing my yoga and I am progressing well with the poses. There is always a basic or more advance variation of a pose and I am able to do some of the advance variations so I am feeling quite happy within myself. I can also feel my body is stronger: A lot of postures within yoga are being able to support your own weight and I find that I am able to do that now whereas in the beginning it was quite difficult!

Along with my small exercise regime I have made some adjustments to what I eat. I am not really a diet person as I generally believe everything in moderation, however, for a good couple of months I did cut out excessive chocolate and biscuits. I did have a very sweet tooth!! So it varies by day but I may have a couple of biscuits or sometimes none at all; no more eating half a packet just like that!

I am also eating more veg and variety of vegetables in one meal. I have cut down on my meat intake and tend to eat more fish. I also eat quite a bit of cous cous or occasionally lentils.

These days I drink more water though sometimes it can be hard but in order for me to drink it I have it lukewarm or I add lemon or lime to give it a bit of flavour. I also drink smoothies occasionally.

Since making these changes I have noticed some weight loss. I don’t tend to weigh myself but certainly my clothes feel a lot looser! I would be great to lose about a stone in weight but I am just doing things at my own pace. In a little while I will weigh myself and see what results I get. Overall though I am very pleased with what I have achieved.

So I have outlined some changes I have made in terms of my fitness and diet and have surprised myself that I have managed to keep it up and as a result lose some weight too! I am not one for strict diets but prefer to eat an ongoing healthy ish diet. My mindset is obviously in the right place as ordinarily I think it would have been difficult to cut out the chocolate. I am very happy with my progress so far!

What are your fitness and weight loss goals for 2019?

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