Love Is In The Air

Hey everyone we are approaching that time of ‘love’ namely Valentine's Day.

Now to be fair we shouldn’t need Valentine's Day to get us engaged in showing love to our partners as hopefully we should be in love and showing love to our significant other anyway!

Valentine's Day is a commercial day pretty much and people recognise this, however, it does serve to remind us to inject some pizazz into our love life especially if it has gone a bit stale.

As with everything you have to put effort in, on a regular basis, to allow love to blossom and grow in your relationship. Growing love is not just a once a year occurrence!

As I am talking about love between a couple I will also mention self love. Self love is vital in nurturing and taking care of yourself as an individual. Sometimes we neglect ourselves while life is moving on or we are so focused on pleasing others we forsake our own needs and wants. Take the time out to love yourself as much as you can, as you are important. If for any reason you are struggling with self love I have started a self love coaching and mentoring programme which will help you.

A Few General Tips Expressing Self Love Or Love With Your Significant Other On A Regular Basis

Have a look at the following to get a few ideas...

1. Send Your Partner A Handwritten Love letter Or Poem

2. Read a book on self development

3. Arrange a romantic getaway somewhere

4. Have relaxing, long, luxurious pamper session

5. Cook A special meal on a week night

6. Send a random text just stating “I Love You”

7. Do a physical activity that brings you joy like walking or dancing

8. Book A complementary therapy session like Reiki

So Valentines Day Is Nearly Upon Us And If You Are Wanting Some General Ideas For Purchasing Gifts, I Have Put Together The Following List

Pamper yourself with this relaxation and pampering wellbeing gift set

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Wear rose quartz jewellery pieces to encourage self love

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Relax with this set of 9 luxuriously scented candles

Treat your man with this stylish men's watch

Say "I Love You" with this teddy bear

Let someone know how they are appreciated with this heart plaque

Get this men's leather keyring

Start loving yourself with a self care package

I hope you have got some ideas and inspiration for treating yourself or your partner for Valentines day.

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