Listening To Your Intuition

Listening To Your Intuition

Intuition is a funny thing, it’s that ability to know and understand something (from your gut feeling) that something is right or wrong. Most times there is no rational reasoning as to why you feel the way you do so it is literally an instinctual feeling.

What we must do, however, is listen to this feeling much more often. That feeling is there for a reason, may be to stop us from making mistakes, keep us out of danger or even not to waste time on a certain situation or person. Most times people go against their initial instinct and do the thing they shouldn’t be doing; only for some time down the line to realise they should have listened to their intuition and they have made a mistake and possibly wasted some time.

An interesting article at the Huffington Post, outlines some measures that instinctive people follow such as actually listening to their inner voice and practicing mindfulness.

Generally speaking we probably need a balance of instinctual feelings and rational thinking, so we are prepared to make the right decisions for us. Your gut feeling is not there to be ignored so start the process of taking advantage of your intuition and what it is trying to tell you.

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