Learn The Art Of Loving Yourself

Most of us don’t actively love ourselves. We just go about our lives and don’t necessarily think about taking actual positive steps to acknowledge and love who we are as a person.

It is, however, important for you to appreciate how you are as a person, acknowledge the attributes you like or don’t like within yourself and accept yourself. If there are things about you that you don’t like which could possibly be changed then by all means take the necessary steps to try and change them.

You then give yourself love. Tell yourself nice words. Give yourself compliments. Acknowledge and celebrate any successes. Do things in life you love doing. Spend time with people you love and who make you feel good.

I recently gave some pointers to a lady who has had some issues with her boyfriend that she is living with. She was acting needy around him; always wanting to know what he was getting up to and wanting reassurance from him as to where the relationship was going. She was also coming from the standpoint that she couldn’t be on her own even though prior to meeting her boyfriend she had been on her own for quite a number of years!

I encouraged her to start loving herself; affirming to herself several times a day that she loved herself. She also started do more of her own thing meeting up with friends, going to the gym etc so she was living her own life (despite being in a relationship) and not always hanging around her boyfriend (who had continued doing his own thing). In loving herself there has been a shift within herself and also in her relationship (where is it now more grounded and relaxed) so she has benefited all round.

Acknowledge that you are worthy of great and wonderful things and people in your life.

Loving yourself and all that it entails will take commitment from you to do the necessary to make yourself feel great. It is not just a one off thing but a practice for a the rest of your life.

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