How To Validate Yourself

Do you always care what people think about you? Do their opinions of you bother you?

Most people can be quite insecure within themselves and therefore seek the approval of others to make themselves feel good, valued or even loved!

The thing is though whether you realise it or not it is up to you to bring out the feelings in you that you are valued and loved. It starts with you.

I think in general we are not taught to love ourselves, purely as us as an individual, and if you have had any issues growing up and haven’t felt loved or appreciated then you may not have had any love being generated around you.

Well in the first instance you have to love yourself. So if you do not already, learn the art of loving yourself! Tell yourself nice words, give yourself compliments, do things in life you love doing, spend time with people you love and who make you feel good.

Learn how to accept yourself as a person, there may be things about you that you don’t like/love whether it is to do with your personality or something physical about your body or certain habits or behaviour that you display but these are your unique qualities. We are all unique people after all.

Realise you are enough as a person and good enough at that! Do not feel you have to change or adapt to people around you or for a boyfriend/girlfriend. You are enough.

Believe in you as a person and believe and have faith in your strengths and abilities. A lot of the time we underestimate ourselves in what we can do and what we can achieve but we as individuals are capable of much more than we think.

After acknowledging how capable you are then you have to celebrate you as a person and your achievements. That doesn’t mean you have to be all braggy and showy but if it is your birthday, acknowledge it. If you have achieved a goal, acknowledge it. Acknowledge you and your sense of self worth.

We can be hard on ourselves but ultimately we should be all leading our own lives. It is up to you to seek approval from yourself (ask yourself; is this right for me?) and no one else in how you conduct your life, things you do, the friends you have, the choices you make. Do what makes you happy and makes you feel good, at ease and be confident about yourself.

Do not let other people’s opinion of you to become imprinted on you that it ends up defining you. It is only you who should be defining who you are as a person.

Understand you as a person and know your value. Do not let anyone else (whoever they may be) undermine you in any way.

Know how you like to be treated and spoken to and don’t settle for anything less. Listen to how people, words and situations make you feel.

And lastly even though this article is about validating yourself also make it a point to validate other people. An acknowledgement of seeing someone and saying hello or a compliment or praise can make all the difference to a person. Everyone loves to be and feel validated by other people, however, as per this article it is up to you to learn to validate yourself!

I hope these tips help.

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