How To Shift Your Mindset From Negative To Positive

How to shift your mindset from negative to positive -

If you have come to a stage in your life where you recognise you are negative and have negative thoughts and feelings but somehow you want to change then know that your mindset and attitude can be changed. Possibly you may see people around you who appear to be happy, are successful, have nicer things and think “how come they are like that and I’m not?” Well know that you can change if you want to. This is not to say it will be easy but it can be done. This shift will be an ongoing training which you will have to do on a daily basis if you want to see real results. It will take commitment from you to change your mindset from negative to positive.

Past negative experiences, perhaps parenting, the environment you grew up in, bad experiences may have shaped you into a negative person. It wasn’t your fault that was how it was but things can change. You may not have even been aware you had a negative frame of mind until perhaps you questioned why your life wasn’t flowing the way you would have liked.

Training of your mindset can help, so it you want to change you as a person it will take effort from your part.

  • Take the negative thoughts in your head and and turn them into positive phrases. So if you say to yourself something like “I’m not good at maths” or if you are talking aloud, in midflow of sentence, turn the phrase around “I’m not good at maths but I could be if I learned the basics and applied myself”

  • Devise mantras and affirmations which may specifically resonate with you so you can really instill the phrase in your mind. For example “I love myself and I love my life” or “Today I feel wonderful”. In the beginning you may not ‘believe’ or feel as positive about the words you are telling yourself but continue with the practice all the same. With practice get results.

"It is up to you to be mindful of the present and enjoy life now as best as possible"

  • Face up and acknowledge your past, your attitude, the things you wanted to achieve but didn’t, setbacks, problems, issues, whatever they may have been. Be brave and truthful in doing this then forgive yourself for your past and vow you are now committed to being positive rather than negative and creating a new reality for yourself.

  • Enjoy life now in the present moment. The past has already happened so try not to hold onto the stuff from back then. We also tend to create anxieties about how our life is going to unfold for the future so it is up to you to be mindful of the present and enjoy life now as best as possible.

  • Feel your flow – do things that you genuinely enjoy doing that will make you happy and put a smile on your face whether it be dancing, socialising, yoga, watching movies etc.

  • Surround yourself with quotes, books, videos even podcasts that will help to enhance your happiness, positivity and motivation. It really does all help. Have a listen of this podcast

  • Make a commitment to be happy!!!

I really hope these tips help you make the shift from negative to positive.

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