How To Be More Productive

How To Be More Productive

We are all guilty of procrastination and not being as productive as we should be but these little tips should help you to overcome this.

Steps for Productivity

1 – Make a list of your tasks

We can’t always keep things in our heads, just because sometimes we forget things! So carry a notebook and on a week by week and day by day basis list all the tasks you need to get done.

2 – Prioritise your tasks

As you go through your list identify a potential order for you carry out your tasks. You may be able to cross things off your list that don’t need to be done yet or better still may be able to delegate the task for someone else to complete.

3 – Time Blocking

Another step for prioritising tasks is to actually set time aside to complete each task. At the beginning of your week look at your tasks and allocate a certain amount of time to each. When you are in a time-block mode do not allow yourself to get distracted by other tasks, emails or calls, just concentrate on the task at hand.

4 – Carry out the most difficult task first

There will invariably be a task that you consider ‘big’, ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ that you need to achieve. If this is the case then as in the words of Brian Tracey you need to “Eat that Frog”. Basically the ‘big’, ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ task should be tackled first so get straight in there and get it crossed off your list! You do this task and it will give

you a sense of achievement as well as the confidence of actually being able to carry out the task.

5 – Breaks

Take regular breaks from your schedule. Periodically taking a 10 minute break away from your work will be of great benefit to you. Taking time to have a stretch, have a quick walk or go get a drink will all really help. You will also get to rest your eyes from the glare of the PC. When you return to your work you should be a more refreshed and ready to crack on and complete your tasks.

So now it is up to you; get cracking!

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