Standing Tall - 5 Steps to Gain More Confidence

1. Pay Attention To Your Hair And Clothes. When you look good you feel good..! Choose clothes which are stylish but more importantly comfortable and suit your particular style. Groom your hair accordingly with a fuss free style. Complete your look with colourful accessories such as jewellery, ties or even spectacles which may even be a talking point or icebreaker when meeting new people. 2. Act Confident! Stand tall, hold your head up high and maintain a straight posture. This will make you feel more confident and in turn others around you will feel your confidence. When meeting new people give a firm handshake, look them directly in the eyes and maintain that direct eye contact. 3. Feed Yourself Positive Thoughts. Start each day with a positive message e.g. "It is going to be a wonderful day" or "I love myself". Giving yourself positivity each and every day throughout the course of the day will only help to reinforce the growth of your personal confidence levels!

4. Speak With Confidence. Speak to people in a confident clear voice in a steady and even rhythmic pattern. Practice if needs be to develop the right tone, volume and steady pace of delivery using pauses in the correct places.

5. Take Action. If you are nervous about taking a certain action do it anyway! Do it once and then you will feel “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be”. This gives you a boost and then you feel you can do it again. The more you do something the more confident you feel.

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