How To Set Goals

We spoke about making the new year of 2017 count so now is the time to start setting your goals!

In order to set goals you have to know what you want, be clear and be focused. Your goals must be in line with your values i.e. they must be worthy and important to you, within your life, in order to stand a good chance of being achieved.

Always write your goals down, once committed to paper, where you can see your goals everyday, you will have a greater chance of achieving them.

The wording and structure of your goal can make all the difference to whether you achieve them or not. Goals should, ideally, be in the “SMART” format in order to increase your chances of actually attaining your goals.

The letters in SMART goals stand for:






There are other variants to SMART goals, however, the above is commonly used. So when you set goals with the above format, you will surely (along with the required work necessary) achieve your goals and achieve success!

SPECIFIC – Be very specific about your goal and thinking about the who, what, when and possibly the where of your goal will put you on the right track. Word your goal in the following format: "It is September 2018 and I am the proud owner of a 1 bedroom flat in Blackheath, London."

MEASURABLE – Your goals should be measurable in terms of what you see, hear or feel when you reach your goal. So this may mean breaking down your goals into manageable and measurable chunks in order to stand a greater chance of actually achieving them. For example having a healthier lifestyle may be broken down into exercising more and eating a more balanced diet which in turn gives you more energy and makes your skin glow – having more energy and seeing your skin glow being the measurable elements of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

ACHIEVABLE – When you identify goals you want to achieve you then need to ascertain whether they will actually be important enough, in your life. When a goal is important to you, you give yourself a good chance of actually achieving that goal. When you start planning your goals you will then figure out ways for your goals to become a reality. Your attitude, skills abilities, opportunities and financial capacity will grow to help you reach your goals.

REALISTIC – For goals to be achieved they must be realistic for you. You must identify the availability of the relevant resources, support, knowledge and time that is required for you to succeed with your goals.

TIME BASED – Set yourself a realistic deadline perhaps with some flexibility to achieve your goals. If not enough time is given to you may struggle and end up quitting your goal. At the opposite end if you give the goal too much time you may end up squandering time at the beginning then rush later , compromising quality, in order to achieve your goal.

Making your goals simple, precise but significant to you will help you with the achievement of your goals. Good luck!

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