Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

Look at yourself and your fears in life: Are your fears justified?

More times than not they probably aren’t! If as a child you were bitten by a dog then it is understandable then that you develop a fear of dogs. For most people though they develop a fear of something which is intangible such as a fear of public speaking , a fear of success or being able to perform a certain type of job. These fears originate in the mind and can hold you back from doing and achieving your goals in life.

Everyone has fears in life though. The key is not to let them get the better of you and stop you from achieving goals or being the best that you can be in life.

What fears have held you back in life?

Have you managed to lay your fears to rest or at least manage them so that they do not manage you?

If you still struggle with fear have a look at these tips for facing your fears head on:

1 - Grow your general confidence levels

Look and act confident. Taking care of your appearance, developing a straight posture, smiling and looking people in the eyes when you talk to them all conveys confidence. You feel confident and the other person feels your confidence too which then in turn gives you more confidence.

2 - Talk to yourself

Give yourself a pep talk each and every day, several times a day! Find a quiet place and whether you speak aloud or in your head repeat a daily affirmation. For example “I am confident each and every” or “I am willing to release my fears.”

3 - Be positive

Be positive rather than negative! They say positivity breeds positivity and that is so true! Surround yourself with positive people, positive sayings, positive affirmations e.g. “I am happy and bright and positive”. All these elements and more will only help to boost your positivity and turn around your thinking and fear of “I can’t do it” to “I can do it..!”

4 - Identify a fear which has been holding you back and face it head on

Face Your Fear..! If, for example, you have a fear of speaking aloud to a crowded room of say 50 people, start small and try speaking to a handful of 5-6 people initially. Once you achieve that milestone that will give you the confidence to do it again and talk to 11-12 people and then you increase the numbers you speak to again and again. These achievements will increase confidence which in turn will help to turn your fear around.

5 - View your fear from a different perspective

Rather than on focusing on the fear itself, why not focus on the benefits of removing the particular fear from your life? List the pros and cons of dealing with your particular fear. There may be more pros than you think. Ask yourself: “What will you gain from conquering your fear” or “How will your life change if you don’t focus on the fear?” Another important question: “what is the worst that is going to happen if you face your fear?”

Now is your time. It’s up to you so go and face your fear! Good Luck.

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