VIEW2SUCCEED is about helping anyone, especially women, who desires to have more love, happiness and positivity in their lives. 

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Reiki is a wonderful ancient form of healing which treats the client in a holistic manner; assisting us in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways.  It is a safe, relaxing but powerful spiritual practice using ‘universal life force energy’ which is the universal energy which flows through all living things. The practitioner uses laying of hands either on or off various parts of the body and the universal energy flows from the hands of the practitioner to the client.

There is no preparation required, on your part, before a Reiki treatment, just wearing comfortable clothing.

It is recommended to not drink any alcohol consumption before the session or for 24 hours after if possible.  Also after the session it is advisable to consume plenty of water.

I have recently added Self Love Coaching and Mentoring to my services.   Loving yourself is very necessary at the best of times, however for some of us we can struggle with loving ourselves most of our lives or something may happen to make us 'forget' how valuable we are.  Self love is having a love, acceptance and high regard for you, your wellbeing, your needs and also recognising your value as a person. 

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Looking after your mind body and soul is absolutely imperative to living a fulfilling and happy life.  We have always placed emphasis on physical health, however looking after all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional life is wise and very necessary.

Having a consistent and regular self care regime helps to grow your level of self love, which is ultimately what we all strive for.


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Self Care Lite 


30 Minute 'Distant' Reiki Session

Loving Yourself Ebook

7 Day ILM Challenge

15 Self Care Tips

12 Tips For Happiness

10 Affirmations

Inspirational Quote To Print

Self Care Plus 

All the above plus

Reiki Meditation Video

Relaxing Music Video

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Reiki treatment, as wonderful as it is, should be seen as a complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It is not a substitute for traditional medical care, so if you do have serious health issues please consult with your GP.