VIEW2SUCCEED is about helping anyone, especially women, who desires to have more love, happiness and positivity in their lives. 

About Pam...


I’m Pam and I will introduce myself as the person who always held myself back in life.  I looked for many things, tried many different things and interests trying to find myself and my real purpose in life. I always wanted more out of life and knew I was capable of much more than I had achieved.  That is not to say that I had a bad life but just wasn’t totally fulfilled.  My mindset held be back from reaching out for more in life. 

I was invisible in my daytime job, as a receptionist, which obviously didn't do much for my self esteem either.  There was no real appreciation of my role as a receptionist let alone the appreciation of me as a person.  I knew things had to change. 

Things started changing for me a couple of years when I started looking into business related stuff including looking at Property Investment as I had had the desire for quite some time but ‘believed’ other people did that not me.  From exploring property investment other business ideas came to me and I tried some stuff but nothing happened for me.  I got to realise that it was down to my mindset.  I was always fearful or concerned I didn’t have the right abilities to do something or scared of making a fool of myself.

The thing is, I have come to learn, when you apply yourself and learn to strengthen your mindset you can change your life around and achieve the things you want to achieve.  A lot of it is loving yourself, believing in yourself and taking some form of action.  So applying these principles, which included using positive affirmations I have grown stronger within myself.  I believe in myself and my abilities but know it is down to changing my mindset and my general level of positivity. 

From taking these positive steps I then trained as a reiki practitioner, completing my reiki 2 certificate in December 2018.  Doing the reiki training came about for a couple of reasons one being the start of a spiritual path that I am being led down.  The spiritual path has found me but I am certainly glad it did as I am now so open and know of the concepts of everyone being able to create their own reality in life.  You just have to believe and be willing to try for yourself.

So the elements of loving myself, positivity and reiki have transformed my life and I am passionate for these elements to do the same for you.  So please take time out to get inspired by the content at View2succeed to grow your own strength and please do get in contact to arrange a reiki session, remote sessions can be arranged.



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